New Kar Smells

Last weekend I made a trip down to Chicago to pick up this 2011 Audi A5 2.0T manual w/Quattro
Plans are coils, wheels, exhaust and intake for spring. A few misc small things here and there mainly OEM+ mods. First thing is to replace the interior lights with bright white leds and headlight bulbs with bright white as well; the ugly halogen yellow light is killing me.

Oktoberfest 2012


Dubs in the Valley 2012

Scott Grams again this year made an awesome video of the show. Check it out.


My pictures can be found here:



Eurowerks 6

I am a bit behind on my plans to "update" the site but here are some of the highlights from Eurowerks.

The CWD crew

My ticket to the Royalty section.

And the rest of the cars.

I really need one of these. :drool:

Rest of my pictures are here:


Site updates soon to come!

Now that snowboarding season is coming to a close I can get some updates done. We have gained so many members over the winter and a lot has changed. I will also make it a point add a calendar with show and meet up dates.

Looking forward to this years show season.